Grating Usage

Familiarity with the use of grating

For more than 80 years, engineers and architects have used grating as one of the main and sometimes even the only possible way to cover surfaces. Grating is a set of bearings and interfaces that are connected by welding or pressing to form an integrated product. Regarding the important grating components and design parameters to the part Grating Technical Information See.

Metal gratings are divided into two main groups: electrophoretic gratings and belt-in-belt gratings. Engineers and researchers have standardized gratings for a variety of applications in a wide range of loads and made them widely available. This product is used as the most durable, safest and most practical coating in many environments and industries.

The distance between the carriers and the interfaces, in addition to the proper passage of air and light, has made possible the use of very light, reliable, flexible, practical and at the same time economical products, all of which have increased the use of grating.

Flooring, protective hedges and fences, corridors, man-made and car-facing ramps, gutters, canals, ponds, emergency and industrial stairs or with special uses, partitioning and layering of floors, metal protective frames, nets Protector of equipment, warehouses and refrigeration facilities, floor reinforcement, support of industrial equipment and و is the only part of the application of grating that has grating in various industries. Industries such as:

  • Oil and gas and petrochemical industries (refineries, petrochemical units, oil rigs, etc.)

  • Urban facilities (stairs, ramps and bridges)

  • Hydro and gas power plants and ...

  • Steel and metal industries

  • Food and pharmaceutical industries

  • Civil engineering and road construction

  • Transportation and cargo industries

  • Water facilities and treatment plants

  • Automotive and machine industry

Pictures of grating usages:

Grating Usage Grating Usage Grating Usage Grating Usage Grating Usage Grating Usage

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